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The 2016 ISAT testing is available from mid-March 2016 to mid-February 2017. Registrations are now open.

There are NO SET DATES for ISAT testing. When you proceed with a registration, you may choose your preferred test venue, date and time.

Please note that you are required to read all of the information listed under the 'Registration' and 'Test Day' menus before you register for ISAT.

Registration is available through Prometric, by online system or by telephoning the Prometric Candidate Care number in your region. You can search for your preferred test location and test date availability through the Prometric registration system. To register, you will need a credit card and an email address. The email address you provide will be used for all communication from the ISAT Office and Prometric, including information on how to access your ISAT results. Please check that your email address is correct and valid.

Note: Candidates who provide an email address that is hosted by or are advised that some procedures implemented by these providers may result in some email messages not being accepted, or being flagged as spam. You are advised to use a different email service provider for the purposes of ISAT registration, or to put in your address book to ensure emails from the ISAT Office are not regarded as junk email.

You must have at least 12 calendar months between sittings of ISAT. This re-sit rule applies to test takers from 2nd April 2013.

For candidates attempting a second sitting of ISAT, you will NOT be permitted to register for a sitting of ISAT that is within 12 months of your last date of sitting. If you sit the test within 12 months, your registration fee will be forfeited and the results from the second sitting of ISAT will be immediately withdrawn. The candidate will not be permitted to sit the test again until 12 months after the last sitting.

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Test Centres

Test centres are located all across the world
To sit ISAT in Brisbane, Queensland, please contact the ISAT Office directly. The next test dates in Brisbane are in July and December 2016.

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